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Equipment technology center


Equipment technology center is responsible for structural design and related drawings, which is a key department standing for strong technical strength of Zehua. Main missions of equipment technology center are achieving optimal performance through optimal structures, ensuring drawing quality and reliability of equipment manufacturing process. 
Equipment technology Center has a vibrant design team, which has the strongest design ability in domestic Internal industry. ~ 600 various industrial columns are complete annually. Core team members have more than 10 years of design experience, and the main members also have more than five years of design experience. 
Equipment technology center is the domestic pioneer of 3-D software in internal design. It has more than 10 years’ experience in 3-D design, and nearly half of the current design is completed by 3-D software. The diameter of designed column ranges from 200~12000mm. In addition to the internals of conventional tray column and packing column, design content also covers a variety of liquid-liquid, gas-liquid separators and hydrogenation reactor internals. Besides, Equipment technology center is also responsible for site installation guidance for overseas projects.