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Process technology center


Process technology Center is the core technology department of Zehua, which is responsible for technology research and development, intellectual property protection, process design, technology promotion and technical services for chemical separation equipment and process. Professional directions involve the development of new process and equipment, process design and simulation, complete process package development, system optimization and revamp, internal design and revamp, etc. Specific work includes the promotion of new technology application, technical presentations, technical agreement, technical proposals, preparation of technology package, start-up guidance, plant calibration and troubleshooting. More than 3,000 columns are calculated and rated annually. 
All the staff in process technology Center have master or higher degrees, and average technical backbone have more than ten years of relevant technology experience. Technical staff graduated from Tsinghua University, or other well-known domestic petroleum and chemical engineering universities. Fully gathering professional advantages together from all specialties, Zehua’s process team become a pioneering professional technical team with extensive experience in engineering design.