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Quality management and control center


Mission of quality management and control center is to ensure the quality of column internals, so as to maintain our competitive edge in world competition. 
Engineers of quality control center are main members originally from equipment design team, all of whom have bachelor or higher degree and senior technical titles. By constantly learning and summarizing, quality control center has established a set of quality control process and quality control documents for column internals. 
For every major project, quality control center began to follow up from the contract stage. Inspection and test Plan (ITP) will be made at preliminary stage. Once start processing, raw material and manufacturing process will be controlled. Then the products will be pre-assembled under the inspection of quality control center. Additionally, PMI inspection, performance test, product identification control, material traceability and product packaging inspection will be implemented until the delivery of products. 
With all the efforts of quality control team, product quality of Zehua’s internals is geared to international standards.