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Beijing Zehua

Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co Ltd


Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Zehua), with a total registered capital of RMB50 million, is a Sino-US joint venture established by Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. in 1995s. Zehua is headquartered in a state-level high-tech industrial park in Beijing. It has two branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou, two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zehua ChemTec in China and AMT International, Inc (AMT) located in the United States, one holding subsidiary company, Zehua Tower Services B.V. (ZTS) located in the Netherlands, and three holding/shareholding factories (i.e., Fushun Zehua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi Huacheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Haixin Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.). Now Zehua has near 200 employees, among whom, over 80% hold bachelors or higher degrees, and over 60% hold middle or senior technical titles. Zehua’s main business scope covers development and promotion of chemical separation technologies, design and manufacture of internals in chemical tower/column equipments and related on-site services, and undertaking projects for new construction and/or revamping of separation units for oil refining, petrochemical and chemical plants.