Current Location:

Propane and Propylene Recovering from Waste Gas


Location: Shandong Province, China

Start-up time: 2013



Low-pressure carbonyl synthesis technology was used to produce butyl octanol in this butyl octanol unit. Propylene and synthesis gas were reacted to produce butyraldehyde and isobutyraldehyde. In this process, a little propylene was converted to propane. It need to be discharged from system to avoid accumulation of inert components, such as propane. There was a large fraction of propane and propylene in waste gas which was waste to directly discharge into fuel gas pipe without any recovering. Technology of recovering propane and propylene would be supplied by ZEHUA.


C3 components in waste gas were absorbed by butyl aldehyde blend as an absorbent. Then, rich absorbent was desorbed to recover C3 components, which were separated by using ADV® valve trays to get propane and propylene products. The whole process was simulated by ZEHUA. ZEHUA also supplied the process package and internals.


The unit was stable in operation after it was started-up. The specifications of propane and propene were more than design values. The yields of them could be more than 90%. Successfully running of this unit was able to avoid waste of resource and economic benefit was so obvious.