Current Location:

C4 Concentration Column Revamp


Location: Hunan Province, China

Start-up time: 2012



Original trays were boat-shape valve trays which were low efficiency and capacity. They could not meet production requirements. Client asked ZEHUA to revamp C4 concentration column with ADV® valve trays to improve separation efficiency and capacity.


ZEHUA performed simulation of C4 concentration column. 2-pass and ADV® valve trays were replaced original design. C4 concentration column consisted of two columns in series, 3400mm ID, which had 200 trays in total. Tray spacing was 500mm. Open area and DC area would be increased by adopting sloped downcomers, recessed inlet panels and “Quick-connect” active tray joints to improve bubble status.


(1) Unit was successfully run, and all specifications of products could meet requirements (content of isobutane was more than 98% in top of column);

(2) Capacity could be more than 110 percentage of design point;

(3) Tray efficiency was 75%.