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Deisobutanizer Revamp


Location: Fujian Province, China

Start-up Time: Dec. 2013



The original deisobutanizer included two columns which operated in series, the tray number of two columns summed up to 218, and tray spacing was 450mm. The unit was conducted to scale-up revamp by user in 2012, and the scale-up ratio of deisobutanizer was the most demanding. ZEHUA was commissioned to revamp the two existing columns, not change diameter with ADV® tray and new internal technology.


(1) ADV® floating trays with bubble promoter were applied to increase the open area and improve the bubble state of bubbling zone;

(2) Special structure of downcomer was used to increase the downcomer capacity, meanwhile improve the initial distribution state of the liquid exit from downcomer;

(3) Used the existing weldments, ensured no welding to shell.


The capacity of deisobutanizer increased by 40% after revamp, and every separation index met the design requirements.