Current Location:

300kt/a Methanol Distillation Unit


Location: Yunnan Province, China

Start-up Time: 2014



It’s a 300 thousand ton methanol distillation project, the methanol product must meet the requirement of industrial class. 3 towers double effect distillation process including pre-rectifying tower, pressurized tower and atmospheric tower was demanded. Also the energy consumption, separation specifications and the device dimension were strictly demanded. During the bidding process, ZEHUA won the bid depending on the strengths of many index.


According to the requirement of separation specification and capacity, ZEHUA designed 3 towers double effect distillation process, designed column layout and internals. The specific work including:

(1) Process simulation of methanol distillation process.

(2) Design of double effect distillation and energy optimization.

(3) Considering the control difficulties of atmospheric tower in the same kind plants at that time, ZEHUA designed the atmospheric tower particularly for easy controlling and operation.

(4) Designed and manufactured column internals of ADV® tray columns and high performance packing columns.

(5) Offered the service of installation instruction and inspection.


(1) he units operated successfully, each index reached or exceeded the requirement, the capacity also met the design value.

(2) The units operated stably and started up easily, the specifications of atmospheric tower were also easy to control.

(3) The methanol product was superior to the first grade, the steam consumption was 1.05 ton per ton methanol product, the alcohol content of waste water was 5mg/L.