Current Location:

Solvent recovery unit Revamp in BR plant


Location: Shandong Province, China

Start-up time: June, 2013



Three-column process was adopted in recovery unit in cis-1, 4-polybutadiene rubber (BR) plant. Conventional valve trays, F1 valves were used in dehydrate column and butadiene column, but de-heavy fractionator had been revamped with directional valves. Original maximum capacity was 62m3/h. Client expected capacity could be 100m3/h at design point, and 130m3/h at turn-up case.


ADV® high performance trays replaced original valve tray in three columns, which were dehydrate column, butadiene column and de-heavy fractionator, respectively. De-heavy fractionator was a bottleneck of this unit for column diameter limitation. Components in feed stream in de-heavy fractionator were almost separated in top product, but bottom product was intermittently obtained. Characteristics for de-heavy fractionator were high vapor loading and low liquid loading. ZEHUA promised maximum capacity to be 115 m3/h.


Commissioning and Performance evaluation of this unit was in June and in August 2013, respectively. During this time, capacity was able to 115m3/h with good quality of product. The client didn’t try to increase capacity due to feed limitation. During this time, solvent oil was changed due to C4 accumulation by client.