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Butyl Acrylate Plant Column Internals


Location: Shandong Province, China

Start-up Time:Mar. 2015



A factory wanted to build a butyl acrylate plant, special column internals should be used as a result of polymerization and the clogging problem happened in extraction column. It is learned that if the extraction efficiency is not high enough in the extraction column of similar units, the clogging phenomenon will take place after a period of time. So when design the extraction equipment, ZEHUA will apply improved tray structure.


(1) Anti-clogging tray was applied, the opening area and the tray spacing were designed reasonably;

(2) Large sieve pores were set appropriately at overlap zone, to further increase mass transfer and contact area, thus improve the extraction efficiency;

(3) Suitable weir height were designed to add polymerizing phase splitting time;

(4) Single-stage extraction liquid distributor was adopted to strengthen distribution effect of the two phase, meanwhile the simple structure reduce the possibility of polymerization.


The equipment operated stably and every index of extraction column reached the design standards, and no blockage was found at overhaul period.