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Divided Wall Column (DWC)


Location: China

Start-up Time:Dec. 2014



Some user wanted purify a material, removing both light and heavy components. It would be a big investment if adopted ordinary two columns process, so the user wanted to apply divided wall column for saving energy consumption and investment, meanwhile the separation specifications requirement was higher than the ones at present operation. ZEHUA was commissioned to design and supply the divided wall column. DWC technology had been owned only by very few foreign companies at that present, and there was no applications of such high separation specifications and such a large divided wall column in China.


According to the requirement of separation specification and capacity, the designed DWC diameter was 3000mm, 60m height. The specific work including:

(1) Process simulation for DWC;

(2) Offered control strategy for DWC;

(3) Offered start-up scheme and instruction for DWC;

(4) Designed and manufactured the column internals for DWC;

(5) Offered the service of installation instruction and inspection.


(1) The unit operated successfully, each index achieved the requirement, the capacity reached over 110% of the design specification.

(2) The unit operated stably, started up easily and with short time, the specifications were also easy to control.

(3) Compared with the similar units, the energy consumption saved by over 25% and the separation specifications improved obviously.

(4) The actual process parameters were consistent with the ones simulated.

(5) The purity of intermediate component reached up to 99.99%, there was no intermediate component in the top, what realized the high precision separation function of DWC.