Current Location:

Polysilicon Refinement


Location: Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Start-up Time:Year 2009 to 2014



GCL SILICON is the largest polysilicon manufacturing base in China, ZEHUA had designed many column internals for user successively, namely the projects, first phase, second phase, third phase, fourth phase, cold hydrogenation, cold hydrogenation technique improvement and so on. The number of column internals ZEHUA supplied summed up to 60 sets, ZEHUA also supplied related technical service for user. ADV® tray in polysilicon rectification plant shew excellent performance.


According to different requirements from user, ZEHUA supplied many aspects of work:

(1) Precise process simulation of distillation columns, including the separation of synthetic compost, recycling material, disproportionated mixture, and the recovery of tail gas.

(2) Offered the service of capacity enlargement, saving energy consumption, improving product quality for many units.

(3) Supplied professional design and manufacturing of column internals. The manufacturing requirement of trays in polysilicon rectification is very strict, ZEHUA possesses reliable experience.


(1) Each separation unit ZEHUA designed operated successfully, the capacity and separation index could meet the requirements. It benefited from accurate process simulation and high performance ADV® tray.

(2) Compared with the other internal types (oriented sieve tray, bar-type fixed tray) in same kind of plant, ADV® fixed tray owned the characteristics of greatest capacity, highest separation efficiency and largest flexibility.