Current Location:

120×104 m3/d Natural Gas De-carburization Unit


Location: Lishui, Hainan Province, China

Start-up time: 2013



It is an important part that CO2 is removed from natural gas. Currently, compared with other ways, alkanolamine absorption has a predominance in gas decarburization unit. In addition, the properties of natural gas change with exploitation of gas-field. Internals design of absorber, which is a core device for natural decarburization unit, is important and difficult.


Based on process and engineering experience for several natural gas decarburization unit, adopted alkanolamine absorption method, ZEHUA targeted to choose and design appropriate internals. Cross saddle rings were adopted because they had many advantages, such as high mass transfer, high capacity, low pressure drop and good wettability.


Unit was successfully run. It had high operating flexibility. Even though properties or flow rate of natural gas was unstable, results of decarburization unit could meet requirements.