Current Location:

200MMSCFD Natural Gas Dehydration Unit


Location: Bengal

Start-up time: 2014



Natural gas contained water vapor. It would cause some serious results that hydrate was easy to form when temperature and pressure changed, such as pipelines and valves blockage and devices corrosion when CO2 or H2S exited. Based on requirements for transportation and further processing of natural gas, water vapor must be removed. Capacity of natural gas was 20MMSCFD. TEG (triethylene glycol) was used to remove water vapor in natural gas through absorption, flash and regeneration process.


(1) Process simulation.

(2) Bubble cap trays were replaced by new type structured packing in absorber in order to suppress foaming and reduce entrainment and loss of solvent.

(3) Random packings were adopted in regenerator. Temperature at bottom section of column should be controlled stably in order to avoid decomposition of TEG.


(1) The plant was ran successfully. Specification for dehydration could meet related requirement.

(2) It was easy installation that structure packings were adopted in absorber. It could save investment for column height deceased.