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Inorganic Liquid Stripper Revamp


Location: Zhejiang Province, China

Start-up Time:Aug. 2011



There were 25 hanging downcomer trays in original stripper, the pressure gradually increased and the droplet entrainment happened on the top after started up. The tray number of top section was reduced to 5 and the tray spacing was increased to 1000mm after reforming, however the droplet entrainment still existed. ZEHUA was commissioned to revamp the column with ADV® tray to solve the existing problems, such as low capacity, flooding and so on.


(1) Hanging downcomer trays was replaced by ADV® fixed trays. Reduce one tray to increase the top gas separation space.

(2) Reserved the existing main support rings, removed part of support rings. There were no on-site welding during installation.

(3) Increase the area of bubbling zone by means of adding opening ratio, to improve the bubble state of bubbling zone.


(1) After revamped with 24 ADV® fixed trays, the capacity of inorganic liquid stripper increased by 35%.

(2) The enrichment phenomenon of some content was eliminated, the pressure drop was lowered obviously.