Current Location:

Main Fractionator Revamp in 2.5Mt/a hydrocracking unit


Location: Fujian Province, China

Start-up time: Jan., 2014



Original capacity of hydrocracking unit was 2.35Mt/a, which fractionator ID was 5400mm. The purpose of this revamping was increasing capacity to be 2.5Mt/a, and to add one more side product, i.e. kerosene product. Customer wanted to improve separation efficiency by replacing old internals without changing vessel.


(1) For adding one more draw-off for kerosene, the process was simulated to confirm the optimum location of side products;

(2) Old trays was replaced by ADV® trays with recycling original welding parts;

(3) The location of mid-pumparound was moved down in order to have a negative overlap between two products.

(4) To resolve problem of insufficient of NTS, trays at washing zone were replaced by Sepak® structured packing, and inlet distributor was used at the feed inlet section for better distribution to improve mass transfer efficiency.


Commissioning of this unit was at the beginning of 2014 and Performance evaluation was completed in May, 2014. Capacity could be 2.5Mt/a. All products were able to meet the requirements and had a negative overlap among them.