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EDV® Valve Tray

Since its inception in late 1997, EDV® high performance trays have been successfully applied to more than 1000 commercial installations in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries. EDV® trays have been used in wide range of applications ranging from 0.5 to 10.2 meter tower diameter, 170 to 1100mm tray spacing, a few to more than 200 trays, one to four passes (including three-pass), and in vacuum to high pressure systems. EDV® valve tray offers you solution with higher capacity, higher separation efficiency, lower pressure drop and better flexibility as well as lower capital costs.




Typical EDV® valve types are listed above. There are movable EDV® valve and fixed EDV® valve in principle. However new design is updating every year with the development of oil and chemical industry.

Main Features

Valve Top Canopies

Directional Valve

Bubble Promoter

Non-revolving Valve

Improved Tray Deck Connection

Application Fields

Atmospheric and Vacuum Units of Petroleum


Light Hydrocarbon Separation



Reform and Aromatics Complex

Methanol Plant

Acetic Acid


Advantages over Conventional Trays

Higher Capacity by 40% Or More

Efficiency Increase by 10-20%

Lower Pressure Drop by More Than 10%

Greater Flexibility by 30-50%

Minimum Modification in Reconstruction

Easy to Install

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